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I attended 5 mornings in a week at Marlborough College this summer. So far in my life I have managed to avoid having to defend myself but I learnt some useful techniques for de-fusing situations. We then went on to strategies for dealing with verbal and physical attacks of various kinds. Richard gave us easy and entertaining ways of remembering the theory behind the strategies as well as plenty of opportunity to practice on each other as well as him. No person was harmed during the week! I thoroughly enjoyed the course, mainly due to Richard's humour, encouragement and realistic advice on the best approach for each of us as individuals. I feel more able to handle difficult situations but I fully intend to stay out of trouble if at all possible!
Catharine Sharples

I spent a very enjoyable 15 hours of Martial Arts at MSC in 2010. Richard is a very effecient tutor, gaining great respect from his pupils. He makes it fun byt gets great result. My fellow pupils were younger than myself yet with his constant encouragement I obtained my Purple Belt in Tae Kwon Do. I hope to continue locally, and hopefully, be able to have further tuition from Richard next year. He is also a good listener!
Angela Sugden - 71

Phoenix Martial Arts has been a great success at the holiday play-scheme. All children look forward to each session & have enjoyed each lesson with different routines to keep them on their toes!All the children whom have attended have developed at their own individual pace, new skills & self esteem. Every child finishes the class looking forward to the next.Thank you Phoenix Martial Arts for giving these children something different during their holiday & I hope you will keep coming back!
Mia Thomas - The Adventure Club

My two children aged 6 & 8 have been attending Mr Herbert’s Martial Arts classes for a term & a half. They enjoy their classes immensely. It is fantastic to see the positive influence both Mr Herbert & the more senior members of the class have on the younger & more junior members. Mr Herbert has an authoritative manner coupled with a keen sense of humour & a real connection with the children in his classes. He is an excellent role model & is the key reason why his Martial Arts classes are so effective. At the beginning of each lesson, the students shout “Hello, Sir” & bow in an act of courtesy. Each 30 minute session is disciplined, informative, & most of all, great fun. A hand-shake for each pupil ends the lesson. I have no hesitation in recommending Phoenix Martial Arts to prospective students.
Diana Van Dyk

Dear Mr Herbert & Mr Buckland, Just a quick note to thank you for a most inspirational time spent at Phoenix Martial Arts. I was delighted to find something that Callum and I could participate in together. Your advertisement 'the family that kick together stick together' got me thinking. When we enrolled, I found it hard to be so disciplined and I found it strange to be in a class with such young people. However, as the weeks passed, I realised that the discipline is the key and I really started to enjoy myself and really wanted to achieve. Callum has blossomed. He benefited from having an activity outside school as he had just started at a new school at the time. I would encourage any child/parent to take up martial arts at your class. You are doing a wonderful and educational job. Many thanks again.
Mrs Nicola Price

Myself and my boys have been attending Phoenix Martial Arts for almost two years. We all enjoy our classes, the boys look forward to meeting the friends they have made and learning new patterns and forms. The instructors are welcoming and friendly and always encouraging to both adults and children alike. I would have no hesitation recommending Phoenix to anyone of any age and any ability.
Mrs Sue Millington

Both of my children are so much more confident since starting with Phoenix Martial Arts. My 7 year old has even showed off his forms in school assembly. Thank you and keep up the great work
Mr Richard Rowlatt

I am a 42 year old dad who had not done any physical activity for about 20 years. I have now been training for just over 6 months and I can feel and see the difference. I’m more lively with my children and don't need so many rests in class. I am progressing at my own speed and am feeling better about myself than I have in a long time. If you feel its time to try something different I highly recommend Phoenix.
Mr David Clarke

I am a very new member of the group, and from day one I have been made to feel welcome by everyone. The whole group is very friendly and helpful, and the instructors never fail to keep the sessions informative and fun! I’d highly recommend Phoenix Martial Arts to anyone looking for something new to try, or anyone who is simply fed up with the Gym!
Andrew Badley